The Rowland Hill Medal

What is the Rowland Hill Medal?

The ‘Rowland Hill Medal’ rewards the best philatelic collection published on the Museum of Philately.

The first medal winner will be revealed at MonacoPhil 2022, with judging in the run up to this prestigious November show open to the public, through a straight forward voting system that will enable the wider philatelic community to have their say on who will win this new pioneering accolade.

The Medal will be awarded every 2 years going forward and is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the collectors featured on the Museum and promote their collections which are captured and displayed upon our unique digital platform. It will enable a fundamental aspect of traditional exhibiting to be accessible to a broader audience, all over the world, combining it with the latest technology for presenting award winning exhibits.

The Museum of Philately is a wonderful way for everyone within the hobby to see privately held collections, which aren’t regularly shared.  The majority of these collections have won Large Gold’s and the collectors are skilled exhibitors, however all philatelists are welcome to send their collections in to be reviewed by the Museum’s curators.
The award has been named after the pioneer of the postal system Rowland Hill. Sir Rowland Hill was born in Kidderminster in England in 1795.  He was the originator of the penny postage system.  He was known for his development of the modern postal system.

Voting Has Now Closed.

Thank you to everyone who has voted. The winner of the Rowland Hill Medal will be announced at Monacophil on Friday 25th November 2022 and on the blog and social media.  Good luck to all the nominees.

The nominated Collections this year are: