The Museum of Philately, which up until recently was sponsored by David Feldman SA International Auctioneers, is now being re-established as a Non-Profit Organisation in the interest of developing and promoting philately worldwide. As further demonstration of its independence from any commercial organisation it has appointed Simon Martin-Redman, the well known and much respected international philatelist.  

The Museum was originally created in the early 2010’s as the brainchild of David Feldman and Marcus Orsi, and since then has been developed into a digital platform, which presents online many of the most important philatelic exhibits and collections belonging to private collectors. It stores images of collections, which are then available to be viewed, even when it is no longer in the possession of the collector.  It allows users and their previous owners to see these prestigious collections in totality and also to learn more about the owners, highlighted pieces, philatelic experts as well as the awards and palmarès attributed to individual collections. In 2022, Museum of Philately’s Rowland Hill Medal Award won the ‘2022 Creative Concept of the Year’ awarded by the Philatelic Traders Society (PTS).

 In November 2023, David Feldman returned as the new majority shareholder of his old company, David Feldman SA.  One of his first, altruistic, decisions was to give ‘The Museum of Philately’ to the philatelic world by setting it aside as a Swiss Non-Profit Association to be managed completely independently from any commercial enterprise, under the standard regulations for non-profit associations of the Canton of Geneva. This means that collectors and institutions will have every advantage and no obligations of any kind to exhibit on the museum site.  

As of January 2024, the Museum of Philately as the re-constituted organisation and philatelic resource will have the objective of being the leading digital platform for the great collections of the world.  To help achieve this, it is pleased to announce its first appointment of Simon Martin-Redman FRPSL as its President.

Simon is well known to the international philatelic community. He is now Vice President of the Royal Philatelic Society London, a Past President of the Sarawak Specialists Society, member of the European Academy of Philately, member of the Collector’s Club of New York, and a member of the Society of Postal Historians. In addition he is a member of and on the Board of the Club de Monte Carlo, a member of the Grand Prix Club (winning the International Grand Prix at Helvetia 2022 in Lugano), and the inaugural winner of the Roland Hill Medal presented in Monaco in 2022.

“I am delighted and honoured to be invited to be the first President of the “new” Museum of Philately.  I have been a great advocate of the Museum since its inception and now that it is an independent, ‘not for profit’ organisation, I hope to see it become the premier site for displaying and viewing world class collections and all the collateral related to them.  I would also like to see it expand into one of the key resource tools for all philatelists as a major reference for information and research and by developing links with the great philatelic institutions of the world. 


President, Museum of Philately