Winners Rowland Hill Medal 2022 Museum of Philately

Museum of Philately Awards the Rowland Hill Medal at the prestigious stamp show Monacophil on Friday 25th November 2022, in Monte Carlo.

 As an online Museum, we celebrate great and award-winning collections that promote, educate, and inspire viewers, illustrating the wonderful diversity of what has been called many times,the greatest of hobbies.

After an active campaign with almost 1000 public votes from young and old, male and female participants, The Museum of Philately is delighted to award not one but three medals. They have been presented to Iva Mouritsen, Simon Martin-Redman and John Davies at an awards ceremony in the Hôtel de Paris.

These well-recognised philatelists have three very different exhibits, all of which you can enjoy reading at your leisure on the Museum.

A Royal Ménage à Trois and its historical consequences



Penny Postage Jubilee, A Jubilee Reminisence



The First Forty Years 1858-1898



David Feldman, commented in his speech ‘Whilst none of us can see into the future, this event today provides encouragement that the philatelic landscape in future years will be healthier and more diverse than ever before. Certainly, if we continue to embrace new ways of doing things and the emerging technologies, we will enjoy a bright future, once again, exactly what the Museum of Philately is all about.