From the news that a famous shoe designer to the stars is selling the world famous British Guiana 1c Magenta, and left his owner mark on the back, as well as selling his unique Inverted Jenny block, to a feature about the magic of Virtual Stampex, to the world famous chessmaster Anatoly Karpov’s philatelic collections of Belgium, the Museum of Philately has been at the heart of the philatelic news this month, with articles and features in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Stamp Collector Magazine, and the Philatelic Exporter.  As well as appearing in these UK based traditional style magazines we have also been seen in the online magazine that goes to the National Philatelic Society  and in the French publication L’echo de la Timbrologie, and Canadian Stamp News Magazine. We also feature in a blog post on the Philatelic Traders Society website.