The Museum of Philately participated in the Autumn Stampex, at the end of September 2021, at the London Business Design Center in Islington, and took claim to their very own physical pitch (stand 54), with Marcus and Devlan setting the scene of our digital platform’s first venture into the show world. One of the exciting events we organised was a round-table event, presented by Isobel Klempka, which involved eminent exhibitors to discuss a proposed exciting future development for the Museum online, which will help collectors develop displays and exhibits via an online tool – it was coined an ‘Exhibition Builder. This was very well received and if you want to hear more on this please sign-up to our Newsletter for more information. Marcus and Devlan also took their virtual webinar series, Adventures In Philately into the physical world and presented, in conjunction with Stamp Collector Magazine and All About Stamps website editor Matt Hill, an exclusive episode titled; “How Collectors have Changed our Hobby”. We were also on hand to meet award winning philatelists to discuss the benefits of including their collections within the Museum and it was exciting to receive a number of commitments which will be added to our unique platform over the coming months.