Virtual Stampex is happening between the 25th to 27th March 2021 and the Museum of Philately are delighted to be offering visitors virtual Tours and Talks hosted within the exhibits area. 

During the three day showcase the Museum will unveil a new collector exhibition from one of the greatest philatelists of the Twenty-first century, Anatoly Karpov. As well as being a collector, Karpov is a Chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion.  Whilst his Belgium collection was sold in 2012 it has been captured and preserved within the Museum and available to view in detail at the show via a web browser or by downloading the App. Karpov still actively collects and is continuing to develop collections on Imperial Russia and the Olympic Games from 1897.    

Our virtual Museum Tours are hosted by the Museum’s curators Marcus Orsi and Devlan Kruck and will start at the Karpov collection and then highlight some of the other key rarities and collectors on the digital platform.  There will be two special Tours available at the show taking place:-

  • Thursday 25th March at 4pm (London)
  • Friday 26th March at 6pm (London)

Free to attend and open to all, you can sign up to attend here. 

The Museum Talk will be hosted by John Davies, whose 1890 Great Britain Penny Postage Jubilee collection has won gold medals and contains many unique and rare items.  The talk is free to attend on :-

  • Saturday 27th March at 11am (London) 

Access to the Talk is here.

Devlan Kruck comments

We are excited to once again be involved with Virtual Stampex.  Hosting the Museum of Philately within the exhibits area is an exciting opportunity and our new interactive experiences allows people to connect with world-class collectors from the past and present, and includes the opportunity to meet an award winning philatelist John Davies, whose Great Britain Penny Postage Jubilee Collection holds many unique and rare pieces.’